Massage therapy treatments are based on the condition your dog presents with.

I use a combination of swedish massage, myo-fascial release, gua sha and cold laser therapy.



    60 min     

$90 + HST

The initial session will include a health history and assessment of your dog as well as a massage.

Massage Therapy Treatment

    45-60 min   

$75 + HST

Subsequent massage therapy treatment for your pup.

Length of appointment may depend on size of dog and condition being treated.

Massage Therapy Packages

   45-60 min each

3 sessions - $210 + HST

 5 sessions - $340 + HST

10 sessions - $650 + HST 


Buy a package of sessions

and save!

*Package price must be paid upfront, does not expire and is non-refundable.

Please contact me directly for pricing for multiple dogs in the same appointment.

Add a 15 min on leash walk to any massage appointment - $15 + tax


Learn to massage your dog at home - $200 + tax

Max 2 people – please contact me for requests for groups of 3+

Regularly massaging your dog can be very beneficial. It reduces stress and anxiety while promoting relaxation, it improves body function, aids healing and strengthens your relationship and bond.

In this session, I’ll show you how to safely and effectively massage your dog to help them feel healthy and loved.

Session is 1.5-2 hrs in length and will cover topics such as:

    Canine vitals & evaluation

    Basic massage techniques + tips


    Canine body language

Dog Walking

All dogs are welcome! I walk your dog one-on-one in your neighbourhood or local park, and my service includes providing fresh water and/or food, if requested by owner, and clean up of any accidents.

I am certified in Canine First Aid through DogSafe, bonded and insured through PROfur and I have experience with different breeds and temperaments as a canine massage therapist, so you can rely on me to ensure your dog is getting out for some exercise, getting their ‘sniffs’ in and in good hands.


Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

30 min walk

on leash

    $20 + tax per day   

$90 + tax for 5 days/week


45 min walk

on leash

    $25 + tax per day   

$115 + tax for 5 days/week


60 min walk

on leash

    $32 + tax per day   

$150 + tax for 5 days/week


Additional dog from same home: add $5 + tax

Weekends available upon request - please contact to inquire.

Contact us today to book an appointment!